Moving Forward with Grattitude

November 19, 2019
Moving Forward With Gratitude
Jeff May

This morning I'm sitting in a cafe in Spokane Washington. The sound of steaming milk, coffee grinders and dozens of conversations ignite the atmosphere as the drizzling rain drips from the eves just outside.  As you may already know I live in the sticks just north of beautiful Coeur d Alene Idaho ( about 40 min drive)  I rode my mountain bike from the place that is repairing my truck nearby, which at the moment is looking like it's going to be a wet ride back..  I thought this would be a good time… quite frankly … much overdue time … to update my website journal entry.  Since the fire, It seems that there simply isn't enough time in the day to do all that I want or need to do. I’m conflicted moment by moment as I juggle my present workload and yet still reach out to plan for the future of Jeff May art.

 I had also realized that it was going to be difficult to summarize….  In spite of having mountains of things I could share the important thing to get across to those that are following my journey is that God was faithful to carry me through. I had many people reaching out to say that I was an inspiration, but it didn't really feel that way in the midst of all that was taking place. It brought me to an understanding that, ... like the sculpting process, life itself can be messy. It’s your core beliefs and values that are the bedrock that keeps your vision alive. Many times I will look at a sculpture and move around it as if to ask the wood .. “What’s next”?   and other times I feel like a matador squaring off with an raging bull.  Each mindset requires a different response and I don't often choose one method over another. I instead choose my instincts or my creativity to tackle it one action at a time.  Before you know it things begin to form and something amazing takes place out of total chaos.  You see shapes appear and subjects defined.. a smirk suddenly appears as you begin to trust yourself and wade through it to the end. I hope that you find encouragement in knowing that everyone has areas of their life that are out of sorts but you just have to make sense of whats in front of your right now, as the other things find their place...      

  The studio is more than I could ever dream, and although its taken 20 years for me to arrive at this accomplishment, its no less gratifying to relish in the moment. A big thank you to all of you who are following me on my journey as an artist. Your support of my art and encouragement means a tremendous amount to me and my family.  I’ve included some images to let you see all thats been accomplish in this past 9 months. You can follow additional content on instagram @jeffmayart

Lastly, I was recently commissioned by Kodiac Cakes based out of Park City Utah... to Sculpt a life-sized Kodiak Grizzly bear. They produce really healthy food product line and they have graciously provide a bunch of product for us to have a pancake feed here at the studio so that people can see the Grizzly in person before it's delivered. So with that said, we want to formally invite you to the studio this Saturday the 23rd of November from 9am - 12pm. This is a great opportunity to see the new studio, the Grizzly and visit with me and my family as we wrap up 2019.

If you plan to attend shoot me a text or e-mail and I'll send you directions

Jeff 208-215-5208

or reserve a spot on my facebook page