Kaleidoscope Community Services Donations and a Really Sweet Bear

November 27, 2018
Giving Tuesday
Jeff May

' There is nothing that brings a sharper reminder that winter is coming like the first frost.  . Although this is my favorite time of the year, it always makes me think of those who are less fortunate than myself. The smell of fires burning and the donning of our heavy winter coats to most, brings a sense of joy as the new season approaches. However, to a growing number of others within our community it can be quite overwhelming as they prepare for some of life's most basic needs. There was a time when I was indifferent, and frankly thought less of the homeless community in general, but a number of years ago, God softened my heart and allowed me to have some interactions with a number of them on the streets of Portland, Oregon that changed everything.

 I quickly realized that they are just as diverse as any of us and often times have experienced traumatic circumstances that have set them back.  The reality is that there are all kinds of people who need help, need love and the only thing separating us, is our willingness to push through the surface a bit to reach out and get to know someone in need. Kaleidoscope is just that to our local community offering help to people in need, and offering a support network for those who want to bring physical and spiritual restoration back to their lives. KCS helps them to connect with important resources to get back on their feet to fulfill there mission of  "helping people help themselves".

Kalidescope Community Services in the past 5 year has:

- Had over 450 volunteers from numerous churches within our community

- over 50,000 points of contact with those in need

- over 40,000 in funding directly distributed to Urgent Needs

 So why am I going off on this tangent you ask?  Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho is my home town and I feel a sense of responsibility to use the things that I'm passionate about to help others, so I am donating 50% of this "Back-Scratching Black Bear”  The purchase price is 2,400, but 1,200 of this will be diverted directly to Kaleidoscope and this portion (1,200.00) will be tax deductable. I’d like to encourage you to check out their website, or better yet, get in touch with Gar Mickelson the organizations founder, to schedule a tour of their facility.  I’ve been hearing some incredible stories of lives being transformed through this organization. It's very likely that your perception will be challenged as you begin to better understand the needs within our community.  

As a Special Bonus Paypal is offering No Transaction fees on donations made today (November 27th 2018), and will match donated funds up to 7 million while the funds last, so in order to insure that KCS can take full advantage we must act quick .... as there are many NPO's in the running for matching funds.

Please consider sharing this post with those who you think might want to help in any way…

  Kaleidoscope Community Services

      P.O. Box 3555  

      Hayden, Idaho 83835

   501 C3 Non profit

   Website: www.kaleidoscopecs.org

   Contact: Founder- Gar Mickelson

   Phone:  (208) 699-2250

Click this link to KCS's facebook page and donate today, once the donation is confirmed, we can proceed with the purchase of the "Back Scratch Bear"


"Back-Scratching Black Bear”

 Medium: Wood / Pine

 Size: 70” Tall 40” Diameter

 Price : 2,400 W/ 1,200 going directly to Kaleidoscope Community Services


     This Black bear has a large character base and has a very fun-loving posture to remind us to keep life's challenges in perspective