Best Tool Ever!

February 19, 2018
Jeff May

Just about evey guy has a thing for tools, and I can remember my grandfather telling me to always use the right tool for the job. In the case of lifting giant logs, this can be quite an expesive endevour. For quite some time I have avoided large scale projects simply becuase I had no way to lift, move or deliver large sculptures. But wait no further.... 

  I have just completed the fabrication of my new truck equiped perfectly for retrieving and lifting large logs for sculpting. The truck which was converted & fabricated by Cooper Fabrication in Post falls Idaho, It now has a knucklboom crane capable of lifting nearly 2,500 lbs and a 8' x 9' deck big enough for large logs and whatever else I might need to haul. wether it's large Grizzly sculpture, huge eagle,  or any other larhe piece, I'll be ready to go! This is part two of my live carving roadshow.

  * Part one was my 6x12 enclosed trailer complete with a vinyl vehicle wrap sporting and pictures of some of my work.

      This allows me to do live carving demonstrations just about anywhere, carriying both tools and finished sculptures.

  * Part two is the truck mentioned above. You may see me around town, belive me you won't miss it. The Truck is a black Ford F-450 with

     orange graphics, and the trailer is also black and orange.  

Live carving serves as my way to connect to the community. To see art is one thing, but to interact with the process of creating it art is another. Many times I will partner with a local business to attract people.  It gives people a chance to see the creative process in action, ask questions of coarse vistit the sponsoring business too. If your interested in hosting a live carving demonstration, get in touch with me soon, as I limit the number I do each year. Below are some images of my new set up......